A day with a Professional Photographer : Zhuang Wu Bin

A day with a Professional Photographer : Zhuang Wu Bin


I somehow manage to join Zhuang Wu Bin photography workshop in the last few weeks and to be honest, it was one of the best workshop that I have ever joined especially in terms of photography theory and history. The workshop focus on conceiving a Photography Project and it is not limited to just Journalism and pure documentary but it can also be conceptual as a whole.

Zhuang Wu Bin is well known…

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Maulidur Rasul procession | W/P Labuan, 2014
Fishing along the shorelines of Tanjung Aru | W/P Labuan, 2014
Kampung Patau-Patau 1 | W/P Labuan, 2014
Hari Belia 2014 Labuan | Kompleks Sukan Labuan, 2014, W/P Labuan
For once the ocean is much more calm and quiet than it usually does. | Pantai Nagalang, W/P Labuan, 2014
Botanical Garden | W/P Labuan, 2014
Somewhere around the town area | W/P Labuan, 2014
A guy who have just finished replacing part of the roof after a stormy day | Kampung Patau-patau 1, W/P Labuan, 2013
A single household usually have at least 2-3 family living under the same roof, which explain the number of the Satellite dishes on the roof | Kampung Patau-patau 2, W/P Labuan, 2014
Despite Chinese New Year was 2 months ago, this kid is still having fun pretending to do a lion dance on top of my neighbor trashcan. | W/P Labuan, 2014
One of the dance group preparing for a group photo right before the opening ceremony of the school annual traditional dance competition | SMK Pantai, W/P Labuan, 2014
The fish that could walk on land | Kampung Brunei, Membakut, 2014
Lantern Festival 2013 at Sungai Keling | W/P Labuan, 2013